Point The Way

10 Oct

“All things on earth point home in old October;
sailors to sea, 
travellers to walls and fences,
hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds.”
~ Thomas Wolfe

We all have certain “siren songs” that call us back to points in our lives.  We might hear a song on the radio that reminds us of our first love.  We might see someone at the seashore that reminds us of a spouse.  We might taste something that takes us back to grandma’s table.  There are things that simply transport us to another time and place.

There are things that remind us of our faith as well.  We see someone begging on the side of the road and we might be filled with a mix of revulsion, anger, as well as the reminder that we are to feed the poor.  We might see someone struggling to put something together and be reminded that we are to educate the uninformed.  We might hear of someone who is dying and be reminded to pray for the dying and the dead.

Just as much as the world is filled with reminders to us about where we are supposed to be in our faith lives, let today’s reflection remind you that we are called to be a reminder to others.  When people see us praying, they should be reminded to pray.  When people see us caring for the needy, we should prompt them to good works as well.

We should be visible reminders of what is good.

That is why it is so important at all times to set a good example.  People will hear our words and watch our actions.  If we inspire them to do good, we have done our job as Christians.  If, on the other hand, we point the way to wickedness, we have failed the Lord miserably, led others down the wrong path, and put ourselves in jeopardy.

Do not talk about being Christian today.  Be a Christian.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure all your words and actions help point the way to Jesus to those you encounter this day.