Persistence Pays

17 Jul

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”  ~Thomas A. Edison

“I can’t pray!”  That is something that priests and spiritual directors hear from their people quite often.  “I can’t pray.  Whenever I try, nothing happens.”  Let us examine the amounts of ways to pray:
Form Prayers such as the Our Father, Glory Be, Hail Mary
The Rosary
Spontaneous Prayer
Group Prayer
Going to Mass
Going to Adoration
Pray at meals
Pray “on the move” (while driving, walking, jogging, et cetera)
Just good old talking to God?

If those do not work, don’t do anything.  That’s right.  You read that correctly.  However, when I say “don’t do anything”, I do not mean don’t make time for God.  If you “cannot pray”, just sit there in silence and give God a chance to speak to you.

So many times our prayers are unidirectional anyway.  They are always addressed to God, asking something, demanding something, imploring something.  We often do not take the time to listen to God’s response.

Do not give up on prayer.  Make it a priority.  Make time for it and do it.

FAITH ACTION:  Make a plan not only for today but for the entire week ahead.  Schedule a time to spend in prayer each day and, at all cost possible, make sure that you hold to that time.