Pay Attention To Detail

27 Jul

“It’s attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning.”  ~ Francis Atterbury

I used to build model cars.  Not terribly serious about it, mind you, but, once upon a time, I did dabble in them.  They were quite a lot of work.  I would have to break the pieces off of the mold and file away anything that did not belong.  I would have to take my time putting the pieces together.  That was a real test of patience and probably one of the reasons I did not last very long as a model car builder.

The painting of the models was also quite intricate and painstaking.  You have to be very careful in gluing and painting models or else you will have a real mess and nothing good to show.  The difference in product between an amateur and a professional is rather striking.

I had a friend in high school that wanted to be a professional ball player.  Every day, he would spend hours of time practicing.  He turned down all sorts of invitations to get together with other friends.  He wanted to spend as much time improving his skills as possible because he had his hopes set on a sports scholarship for college.

It is really cute watching little children learn their prayers.  They pay very close attention to the words, trying to make sure that they get them correct.

Attention to detail is what gets the job done.  Whether we are talking hobbies, sports, or the faith, we have to pay critical attention to what we are doing in order to both master the subject as well as to ensure constant improvement and growth.

Many times, we can get careless in our tasks.  The child that pays close attention to the words of a prayer can soon be heard chattering the words at such a high rate of speed that the words themselves get changed and, in the process, the prayer as well.  If a model enthusiast decides to put together a model as quickly as possible rather than as beautifully as possible, the model is going to be a wreck.

Our faith, and the practice of it, takes time.  We cannot hurry it along.  We cannot take shortcuts.  We have to be very deliberate about it, from our prayer to our performing good works.

Take time to do things right and to do things well.

FAITH ACTION:  Do not be careless about your prayers today.  Say them with great deliberation, paying attention to the words and their meanings.