Our Unchanging Belief

29 Sep

“One of these days, will become a this day. And that day, will be the preeminent of days to come.”  ~ Anthony Liccione

One of the parishioners came up to me a while back and said, “Isn’t that the same vestment that you have had since you came to the parish?”  My response was, “No.  This is the same vestment that I have had since I was ordained a priest a little over forty years ago.”  (It was, after all, one of my ordination presents.)

But that led me to the thought:  Some things are better left unchanged.

We are, in many ways, a people of change.  We want to change things up, we want to see things new and improved.  We want to know that something is not the same as it was yesterday or last week or last year.  Many times, we equate a lack of change with staleness. But, that is not always the case.

Some things should not change.

We believe in God.  That should not change.  Changing our belief would be drastic.  Not believing in God would lead us down a terribly sinful path.  Our belief makes us who we are and what we do.

We believe in the Communion of the Saints.  We know that the souls of the just are with God and are there to intercede for us.  We trust in that.  We count on that.  We use that when our lives get extremely difficult.

There are some items in our faith that are so unchanging that we profess them regularly.  We do that at Mass when we pray the Creed.  That Creed is a statement of our unchanging belief. It is something that we profess proudly.  It helps to focus us as we journey to the Kingdom.

Celebrate the unchanging things in our faith and know that they help to keep us all rooted.

FAITH ACTION:  Slowly and reverently, pray the Creed and reflect upon the unchanging truths of our faith.