Our Reliance Upon God

15 Jul

“Relying on God has to start all over everyday, as if nothing has yet been done.”  ~ C. S. Lewis

There are times in our lives when we need to be satisfied with ourselves.  Perhaps it is in our work lives.  We have to put in 100% and accept what comes of it.  If we know that we have done our best, that should suffice.  There may always be someone who gripes or complains; but, if we have put in a truly honest day’s labor, we should be content.

There are times in our lives, however, when we should never be satisfied.  One of those times regards our faith lives.  No matter how close we have grown to the Lord, we can always grow closer.  No matter how much we have served others, we can always serve more.  No matter how much we have prayed, we can always utter one more prayer.  No matter how much we have sacrificed, there is still more to offer.

If we are satisfied with our faith lives, we sell God short because we quit trying to get as close to Him as possible.  God does not deserve a little bit from us.  God does not deserve a lot from us.  God deserves our very best and then some.

Disney Imagineers would explain that using Walt Disney’s philosophy.  He would look at a ride, at an attraction, at a park and ask the question, “How could we plus this?”  That meant, “How could we make this even better, more intriguing, more exciting?”  He always encouraged his employees to do all that they could to improve things.  And, when an attraction was improved, to ask the question, “Now, what else can we do to plus this?”

If we truly love God, we will always want to “plus” our relationship with Him.  We should never be satisfied with what we give to our Lord because there is always more to give.  We should never be satisfied serving our Lord in others because there is always one more person who needs our help.  We should never be satisfied with the time that we give Him in prayer because we could always make more time for Him and spend less time on ourselves.

If you were satisfied with your relationship with God yesterday, that’s wonderful.  However, do not rest on your laurels.  Today is a new day with its own set of demands and circumstances.  Give God a little more today than you gave yesterday and more tomorrow than you give today.

FAITH ACTION:  Look at the areas of your spiritual life where you find satisfaction and comfort and ask yourself the hard question: “What can I do to improve my relationship with God so that I can be even closer to Him?”