Our Protectors

2 Oct

A lways with you
N ever judge you
G ive you guidance every day
E nfold you in their healing wings
L ove you unconditionally
S upport you in  every way

Today is a very special feast.  It is the Feast of the Guardian Angels.  It is the Patronal Feast of the Diocese of Gary.  This feast is a wonderful reminder to us of God’s love.  He gives us so much help in our lives, including, believe it or not, our own Guardian Angels to watch over us.

I remember meeting a minister who always used to mock the Catholic Church.  He would scoff at me about our teaching of the angels and the saints.  And then, one day, he was driving down the road.  He lost control of his car.  As his car was going off of the road, he told me that he saw an angel sitting in the seat next to him.  The angel reached over to hold him in his seat and said, “Hold on!”

The car rolled down an embankment.  He was unscathed.  The rescue personnel told him that he would have died if he did not have his seat belt to hold him in his place.  Ah.  But that was the kicker.  He never wore a seat belt.

He knew that it was the angel that held him in place as the car rolled.  He became a believer.  Try not to make your guardian angel work overtime today!

FAITH ACTION:  Pray to following prayer today with meaning:

Angel of God, my Guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide.