Our Obligation

1 Aug

“Moral theology should be more thoroughly nourished by Scripture, and show the nobility of the Christian vocation of the faithful and their obligation to bring forth fruit in charity for the life of the world.”  ~ From the Documents of Vatican II

When Pope John XXIII “opened the window” of the Church to let in the fresh air of the Spirit, he got much more than he bargained for.  The Church challenged itself to “get back to its roots” in many ways.

Religious communities were challenged to return to the roots of their founders, as many had strayed from their original purposes.  Some orders ceased to exist because they realized that they were no longer doing the mission for which they had been formed.

Parish communities were challenged to look at their faith lives and to embrace the fact that all people, not just the priests, brothers, and sisters who served them, were called to live the faith.  The faithful were encouraged to get involved in ministries.  Pastoral Councils were formed to help the faithful guide the formation of their parish communities.  All people were called to engage in the work of the parish vision and mission.

Individuals were challenged to live the faith as completely as possible.  They were invited to become involved in ministry, to educate themselves in the mysteries of the faith, and to set an example for their families and their world.

One of the ways that would be accomplished was to get back to its roots by reading sacred scripture.  For many people, if there was a Bible at their home, it would most likely be a “coffee table Bible”.  It would be a large edition, complete with pictures and with a place at the front of the Bible to write a family history.  However, except for the occasion when the Bible was picked up in order to be dusted, it remained unopened.

How can we live the faith if we do not know the faith?  How can we know the faith if we do not immerse ourselves in the stories of the faith?  How can we immerse ourselves in the stories of the faith if we do not even own or read the Bible.

Get back to your roots.  Read the rich stories of the faith so that you may “bring forth fruit in charity for the life of the world.”

FAITH ACTION:  Read from your Bible today.  It might be a favorite Bible story or two or it might be the beginning of a book of the Bible you have never read before.  But, spend some time with Sacred Scripture.