Our Lifeguard

29 Apr

“When you feel like you are drowning in your own problems, do not worry. Your lifeguard walks on water.” ~ Unknown

Drowning is a horrible experience.  At first, one struggles to stay afloat.  Then the struggle becomes more desperate as one tries to keep his or her head above the water.  Finally, the struggle becomes too much, the muscles become too weak, and the person gives in and sinks.  Those first attempts at breathing after one goes under draw water into the lungs and there is a desperate thrashing that takes place underwater until a person dies.

There are so many things in life that can truly bog us down.  We worry about our health, our loved ones, our grades, our job, our career, our past, our present, our future, our society, our world … shall I continue?  There is so much that overwhelms us that we often feel as if we were drowning.

There are times that we go through the same things as someone who is actually drowning.  We try to keep everything under control.  Then, we get to the point where we merely try to keep our head “above water”.  As circumstances continue to overwhelm us, we become so tired of fighting that we give up.  We may not drown in a literal sense; however, we experience a bit of a death inside.

Just as a drowning person needs a lifeguard in order to be saved, we need “lifeguards” as well.  We need good, faithful friends and family to help us.  In our spiritual lives, we need that Almighty Lifeguard, Jesus Christ, to save us from being overwhelmed.  As Jesus calmed the seas, He can calm the tempests in our own lives.

I remember one of the songs we used to sing in the prayer group at St. Mary’s in Griffith when I was in high school:  “Here comes Jesus.  See Him walking on the water.  He’ll lift you up.  And He’ll help you to stand.  Here comes Jesus.  He’s the Master of the waves that roll.  Here comes Jesus.  He’ll make you whole.”

If we turn to Him when we are floundering, He will save us.  He will not let us drown in our anxiety or grief or whatever it may be that overwhelms us.

Turn to Jesus.  He’ll make you whole.

FAITH ACTION:  Are you having a hard time keeping your head above water?  Give your problems to the Lord and be confident that He will take care of you.