Our Great Physician

13 Jan

“Lord Jesus, heal us.  Heal in us whatever you see needs healing. Heal us of whatever might separate us from you. Heal our memories, heal our hearts, heal our emotions, heal our spirits, heal our bodies, heal our souls. Lay your hands gently upon us and us through your great love for us.  Amen.”

Jesus has many titles.  One of them is the “Great Physician”.  He is called that because He had healed so many people in the Gospels.  Throughout the ages, Jesus has continued to heal those who called out to Him.  We count on His healing love every time we employ the Anointing of the Sick.

Some people wonder about our asking God for healing.  They say that we do not deserve it, that we have no right to ask.  This is nothing new.  It happened over and over again in the Gospels as well.  Today’s Gospel, as a matter of fact, from Mark, was a recounting of the Scribes and Pharisees who were scandalized that Jesus would eat with sinners and tax collectors.  Jesus’ response was that the healthy do not need doctors, the sick do.

We are sick in so many ways.  Some of us are physically ill.  We might be facing life-threatening illnesses.  Some may even be in the process of dying.  Others are not sick physically; but, they are sick emotionally or spiritually.  Some have unhealthy relationships, some have terrible dependencies, some are just lost and forlorn.

It is to all of these people that God goes, if they ask.  God is waiting to heal us of what plagues us.  Our healing might not come about in the manner in which we hoped.  Some people might be healed physically.  Others might be given the grace to die peacefully.  God does what He wants and He has a purpose for all that He does.

We, for our part, need to ask God to come into our lives.  We also need not to be jealous if God is working in someone else’s life as well.  Call upon the Lord in your need and count on His merciful and healing love.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for all those who are in need of healing and ask God to heal you of anything you may not be aware of that needs healing.