Our Big Brother

26 Apr

“Big Brother is watching you.”  ~ George Orwell

George Orwell coined today’s quote in his novel 1984 when he wrote, “It was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.”  His novel is about a dictatorial government that watches every one of its members and controls their lives.  That phrase has endured for many years as people speak out against oppressive regimes.

All of that is NOT what I am writing about today.  I want us to consider a less threatening but just as pervasive Big Brother:  Jesus Christ.  He is our common brother who leads us to our common Father.  Because of the love of our brother, we have the opportunity of going home one day at the end of our lives.

The Big Brother of Orwell’s book is a controlling dictatorship.  Our Brother, Jesus, is far from controlling.  He has given us free will so that we may choose.  Orwell’s Big Brother watches constantly so that no one will be out of place or be removed if they are perceived as a threat.  Our Brother, Jesus, watches over us in order to care for us and protect us.  He even goes above and beyond by assigned a particular guardian angel to watch over each and every one of us to keep us safe.

Orwell’s Big Brother rules by threat and intimidation.  Our Brother, Jesus, rules by love and mercy and challenges us to live our lives the same way.  Orwell’s Big Brother pushes others away.  Our Brother, Jesus, embraces us for the family that we are.  We may oppose the image of Orwell’s Big Brother but I don’t think any of us would oppose the love, mercy, and forgiveness of our Brother, Jesus who calls us to be one in Him.

FAITH ACTION:  Know that Jesus will be watching over you today.  Thank Him for his solicitous care.