Nothing Is Impossible

17 Jul

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”  ~ Audrey Hepburn

No one likes to fail.  Because of that, we often shy away from things that we believe to be impossible.  After all, why would we want to attempt something that will end up in ruin?  None of us wants to be labelled a failure.

When we adopt that attitude, however, we end up setting aside all sorts of possibilities.  We decide that we are not going to try something.  We end up staying exactly in the same place in life.  That, in and of itself, is a failure because we were all made for growth, not stagnation.

I love Hepburn’s description of impossible.  The word proudly proclaims, “I’m possible!”  If we approach things that we feel might be impossible with that attitude, we might find the courage we need to take on the task.  Truly, nothing is impossible for God and if we remain with God, He will give us what we need to do the impossible.

Remember, “impossible” is often a construct that we have made up in our own minds.  I might think something is impossible.  Someone else might think the same thing is improbable.  Still another might look at it and say, “What are you waiting for?  We can do this!”  When we say something is impossible, we just defeat ourselves.

We have often labelled things in our spiritual lives to be impossible.  Some people claim that they cannot learn a different way to pray.  Some people claim that they cannot find the time to do service projects.  Still others claim that it is impossible to serve different people.  The “impossible” is often fueled by fear, not by rational thought.

The next time you say to yourself that something is impossible, reframe that thought and say instead, “God, I think that this impossible.  However, nothing is impossible for you.  Would you show me the way to accomplish what I need to do?”  That’s all God is waiting for: an invitation to help.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to give you the grace to remain confident in Him for, with Him, everything, truly, is possible.