Nothing Else Matters

27 Feb

“Seek a relationship when you pray, not answers. You won’t always find answers, but you will always find Jesus.”  ~ Father Mike Schmitz

Metallica had a hit song years ago, Nothing Else Matters.  It is a song about relationship and love and, in many ways, fits the theme of today’s quote perfectly.   “Trust I seek and I find in you.  Everyday, for us, something new.  Open mind for a different view.  (Refrain) And nothing else matters.”

Our prayer should not be a monologue.  Rather, it should be a dialogue of pure relationship, the pouring out of our heart and soul to the one who loves us first and best.  We tell Jesus, our best friend, our fears, our dreams, our failures, our joys, our struggles, and our hopes.  We ask for His continued love and support knowing that nothing else matters.

That thought is so beautiful, isn’t it?  So sublime.  If that’s the case, why is our prayer life not like that?  We spend too many hours and days petitioning the Lord for things that we do not need and for things that, if we received, could even be harmful to us.  That is because our prayer is often made through the views and values of the world.

The world has many promises and entices us with many offerings.  But the answers to our prayers, if they come from the world, will always — always — come with strings attached.  No gift of the world is given out of pure love.  It has another meaning and motive.

The answers and gifts that we receive from God, on the other hand, are always pure and have absolutely no strings attached.  God will not attach strings because God has already given us the gift of free will and He will not force us to do anything.  The choice is ours.

Choose a relationship with the Lord today.  He will never let you down.

FAITH ACTION:  Let your prayer be spoken and unspoken love between you and Jesus.  Nothing else matters.