Make Sure To Pray

19 Mar

“Satan does not care how many people read about prayer if only he can keep them from praying.”  ~ Paul E. Billheimer

I remember, several years ago when I was the state chaplain for the Indiana Knights of Columbus, we had a state convention in Indianapolis that I was going to attend.  My days immediately before the convention were busier than usual as I wanted to get things done that I would typically do during the time that I was away.  Beside the office work, I also had to pack up and get myself downstate.

The day for my departure arrived.  I hurriedly threw my things into my car after I celebrated the morning Mass at the parish.  I made sure that I had everything that I needed, and I got on my way.  I just made it to I-65 past Merrillville when I heard a chime.  My car was telling me that my gas tank was close to empty.

Yep.  I had prepared everything else but had forgot to fuel the car.  Without fuel, the engine would soon die out and I would be left on the side of the road.  Thankfully, the warning chime alerted me and I got off at the next exit and filled the tank up with gas.

We can make all the preparations possible for Lent.  We could make resolutions as well as plan time to do good works and the like.  However, if we do not fuel our spiritual engines with prayer, we will end up on the side of the road with no energy or momentum.  Prayer is what fuels us.  Prayer is what keeps us going.  Our enemy knows it well and he will do anything in his power to make sure to distract us so that we do not pray.

On any given “bad” day in our lives, we probably came to realize that the day had turned so wrong because we did not begin it with prayer.  We did not begin it in the Lord.  Instead, we went off half-cocked and ended up failing miserably.

Work on your Lenten resolutions.  However, before you do so, take the time to put some spiritual fuel into your engine.  Pray.

FAITH ACTION: Begin today with prayer, take time throughout the day to pray for the grace you need, and make sure to end the day with a prayer of thanksgiving.