Make Proper Payment

4 Jun

“Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar
and to God what belongs to God.”
They were utterly amazed at him.  (Mk 12:17)

We do not like to be beholding to anyone.

However, the fact of the matter is that we are very beholding to our God.

We owe Him everything for He has given us everything.

The people in the crowd who were trying to trip Jesus up did not seem to realize that.

All they cared about was finding something to use against Jesus.

But, Jesus was on to them.  He knew the hardness of their hearts.

What amazes me is that He still gave them the time of day.

He could easily have said to them, “Why should I bother speaking with you?  You don’t care and you’re lost anyway.”

However, Jesus was giving His Father His due.

Jesus indicated before that it was the will of His Father that He not lose anything that had been given to Him.  Therefore, He would do everything possible to give His people — all of His people — a chance.

If only it would be the same among us.

FAITH ACTION:  What do you owe God?  Have you been withholding from Him?  Give Him what belongs to Him today.