Love The Moment

14 Oct

“Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.”  ~ Corita Kent

Love is a word that is often used to describe a feeling that could better be described by the words like, care, or concern.  Love sometimes indicates a choice.  When we say that we love someone with the same tone that we say we love a favorite cereal or plant or flower, we are not speaking about the true depth of love.

Love might better be described as a passion that influences our choices, colors our lives, and drives our decision making process.  It is something that is all-encompasing and reaches to the very roots of our being.

I know people who love to fish.  I also know people who love to fish.  You might think those two sentences are the same.  I would disagree.  In the first instance, some of the people I know who love to fish like it because it gets them away from home or work on a day off.  It gives them a chance to breathe in some fresh air.  But, if given the choice between fishing that day or engaging in some other event, they may take or leave the fishing depending upon the alternate choice(s).

Then there are the people who love to fish.  They are the people who live and breathe fishing.  They make their own lures.  They wait for the rains to fall so that they can collect their own worms from the yard.  They can hold their line in such a way as to set the hook consistently on fish while someone else could be with them who has their bait stolen 90% of the time.  From the look on their face, you can tell that they are in the zone.  Nothing else garners their attention.  Given the choice between fishing or engaging in some other event, they will ask you if you are crazy.  Of course, it would be fishing.

“Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.”  St. Francis knew this the moment that he hugged a leper.  He was petrified and repulsed by lepers but knew that God was calling him to move past his fears and to trust in God.  When Francis entered the moment and loved the moment, his repulsion vanished and his love spread beyond the boundary of fear that he had placed in his life.

Mother Teresa knew that the moment that she took up the first beggar from the gutter of a street in Calcutta.  The person was no longer just a filthy person down on his luck.  She saw the person as Jesus and she was transformed.  She dedicated her live and her ministry in caring for those who were neglected and abandoned by society.

God doesn’t want to see us look around our world and love it.  God wants us to look around our world and love it.  He wants us to immerse ourselves into the world so as to spread beyond all the boundaries that separate us from one another.

God gives us so many wonderful moments in our daily lives and we often miss them because we have not immersed ourselves into our day as we could.  Don’t miss another moment.  Rather, love the moment and let the depth of that moment transform you and the world around you.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to help you appreciate every moment that comes your way today so that you do not miss what He sends your way.