Loose Lips Sink Ships

7 Oct

“Gossip dies when it reaches the ears of a wise and secure person.”  ~ Wesley Snipes

Gossip, the vast majority of times, is not even true.  And, when it is true, it is hardly necessary and generally destructive.  The person who gossips is typically weak and vain.  Gossip never betters any situation or any person.  The only thing it does is to point out people who should not be trusted:  those who engage in gossip.

I know some people who practically live their lives gossiping.  They are not happy unless they have some tidbit to share with others.  If they have nothing, it is not beyond them to make something up, just to keep the talk going.  This is just wrong.

If we want to talk about other people, it should be to talk about their attributes, about the positive things that they say or do, and about the positive contributions they make in this world.  That is the kind of talk that people need to hear and to spread.  Negative talk is plentiful and cheap.  Good, positive talk is rare but uplifting.

The good person, the honorable person, the wise and secure person, is the one who hears gossip, admonishes the person gossiping, and does not repeat the gossip.  That is the kind of person any of us would be happy to call friend.

Be a friend to others today.  If gossip comes your way, nip it in the bud.  Admonish the gossiper and make sure that you do not repeat what you have heard.  If you feel the itch to speak about anyone today, let it be to herald their positive attributes.

FAITH ACTION:  Watch what issues from your mouth today.  Do all that you can to avoid participating in gossip.