Look For The Best In All Things

18 Sep

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.” ~ Og Mandino

While on this earth, we will never, ever, have a perfect day.  We will never have a perfect life.  We will never have a perfect job, or vacation, or anything else for that matter.  Some days, we might feel as if we are close to perfection.  Other days, we might feel far from it.  Yet, we must move on as we await our Lord’s call.

While we wait, we have to throw our entire selves into our days.  On the close-to-perfect days, we can marvel at how well things are going.  We can enjoy the fruits of our labor.  We can bask in the glow of recognition.  On the less-than-perfect days, we need to look for the shiny spots so that we have the motivation to endure whatever is happening, to learn from what went wrong, and to plan to do better the next time.

If all of us had a perfect day, every day, well, we would be in heaven.  That is the place for perfection.  Here on earth, whatever we say or do will be tarnished by the sin in which the world is steeped.  It is up to us to shrug off the bad times, embrace the good times, and continue moving forward.

In many ways, it is a matter of mindset.  If all we ever look for is the bad, I can guarantee you that, even in the best day you might have, you will be able to find bad.  However, if we look for the good, even when our day might be wretched, we will be able to find something that encourages us and gives us hope.

As we look for the light in a world of darkness, we are reminded that we need to be light to those around us.  Some people have lived in the dark for so long that they may not know how to find the light.  It is up to us to show them the way.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for all of those who are in the dark, that the light of Christ may illumine their way.