Look Around Yourself

20 Apr

“In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.”  ~ Leo Tolstoy

There’s nothing wrong with working and working hard.  There’s nothing wrong with being hyper-focused upon a goal whether it be personal or professional.  What is wrong is when we become so focused that we tune others out completely.  If we block out other people, we will fail to recognize their needs.  If block out God, we will not be able to respond to His invitation.

We need to take time to stop and monitor ourselves and our relationship with others, including our relationship with God.  It doesn’t always need to be large chunks of time.  After all, we are focused upon tasks at hand.  However, a brief moment here and a brief moment there will help us steer the course.  If a captain doesn’t take time to check landmarks, the vessel will go off course.  If a driver doesn’t pay attention to road signs, that driver will miss an important exit.  If we don’t pay attention to others and to God, we will find ourselves lost.

I find it best to take time right at the beginning of the day to pray and/or to reflect.  It can be very brief if there is a lot going one.  At the same time, if there is a lot going on, it is even more important to start out with a prayer.  That will help us steer ourselves in the right direction.  Throughout the day, especially if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or befuddled, stop, take time to think, take a little extra time to pray, and then begin again.  That little amount of time can help reset our course of the day.

Some people think that taking time throughout the day robs themselves of doing as much as possible.  The opposite is true.  If we take time out throughout the day, we can actually be more productive.

FAITH ACTION:  Take time throughout your day to stop, look around you, and acknowledge God who is present in all that you do and in all the people you encounter.