Lift Up Your Eyes

31 Mar

“When you put down your phone, it’s easier to lift up your eyes.”  ~ Wendy Speake

Such a simple statement but profoundly true.  Especially today.  Seriously.  Have you seen people “out there” on their phones?  I cannot believe how much they are not in tune with their surroundings as they focus on their phone screens.

There are actually a lot of videos on YouTube about “phone fails”, people who fall into water, walk into poles, and other kinds of things because they were walking while staring at their phones.  In some of those instances, their distraction was potentially dangerous.

Maybe we are not that bad with our phones.  However, we might be in that same camp when it comes to our conversing with God.  While we pray, we often fill our minds with all sorts of ancillary thoughts:  what am I going to do after I pray, what should I get for dinner, did I pay my bills yet, and the like.

Cluttering our minds with worldly concerns keeps us from being as present with God as we could and should be.  When we set aside all those distractions, it is easier to lift our eyes to the Lord and give Him the attention that is His due.

Did you ever stop to think that God never takes His eyes off of us?  We always have God’s undivided attention one hundred percent of the time.  For our part, God is probably lucky if He gets thirty or forty percent of our attention.  That is how distracted we usually are by the world.

Shut out the distractions.  Then, you will be able to focus on the Lord.

FAITH ACTION:  Remove any distractions from your mind when you pray today so that you may give God as much of your attention as possible.

Remember:  The Fridays of Lent are Days of Abstinence.