Life, Not Death

9 Jun

Hear, O Lord, and have pity on me;
O Lord, be my helper.
You changed my mourning into dancing;
O Lord, my God, forever will I give you thanks.  (Ps 30:11-12)

In today’s first reading, we heard about Elijah’s visit to a widow of Zarephath.  If you remember, Elijah requested food and drink from this woman.  She responded that she was gathering sticks to make one final meal and then she and her son would die of starvation because of the famine caused by a drought.

Elijah assured her that all would be fine as long as she fed him.

She gave him something to eat and, following that, she and her son — along with the prophet — ate and drank and were spared.

After surviving the famine, however, the widow’s son fell ill and died.

She was distressed and blamed Elijah for bringing this ruin upon her.

Elijah implored God and her son came back to life.

In today’s Gospel, in the city of Nain, Jesus restored the only son of a widow to life.

Our God is a God of life, not death.

God brought us into existence as He breathed life into us.

God sustains us in this present life.

At the end of our days on earth, God does not call us to death but, rather, to eternal life.

Therefore, we have nothing to fear.

We wait in joyful anticipation for that wonderful call.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray that the faithful departed be given eternal life and pray for consolation for grieving family and friends, that they may understand that God is truly a God of life.