Life Is Timeless

18 Apr

“Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.”
~ Charles M. Crowe

The pandemic all around us is causing many people to be overwhelmed, sad, or depressed.  They see school plans dashed — especially those who are seniors in high school or college — or see vacation plans canceled.  They are getting anxious because they do not know when life will return “back to normal” again.

Some people may have even altered their perspective on life.  Where once they saw beauty and hopefulness, they now see drab and hopelessness.  They might even begin to believe that there is nothing that will ever bring them hope or comfort again.

Of course, there are those who would say that the above examples are all overreactions on the part of those experiencing them; however, for the many going through these times, they might likely add even more negativity to the list.

I think it all depends upon our perspective on life.  Sometimes, we forget that we are on this earth for only a short while.  Remember, in the eyes of God, all time is brief, even those who make it to the age of one hundred years of age or more.  To God, that is just a brief flash of time.  Our lives are not — or, more to the point, should not be — grounded on earth and the things of the earth.  Our lives are spiritual and eternal and this earth is only a “staging area” for the things yet to come.

When we become lost, confused, frightened, anxious, or depressed about the things happening in the world, it might well be because we have taken our eyes off of the Lord and focused on the world instead.  The pandemic is very much like the storm in which the apostles were caught in on the Sea of Galilee.  When they thought they were lost, they saw Jesus walking on the water coming toward them.

Peter challenged the Lord, telling Him that if it were really Him, He should call Peter out to Him.  Jesus told Peter to come out of the boat.  Peter walked on the water but, in the process of doing so, quit looking at the Lord and focused, instead, on the tempest all around him.  The result?  He began to sink immediately.

In this present pandemic, where are our eyes?  Are we still fixed on the Lord or have we looked away from Him and focused on the tempest all around us?  This is a crucial question because the answer will reflect whether we will sink or stand firm.

Jesus demonstrated by His resurrection that our lives have great meaning and that we have the hope of resurrection at the end of our lives here on earth because we are spiritual in nature and our spirits, our souls, will live forever.  Stand firm in that faith and you will weather the storm around you.

FAITH ACTION:  If your spirit is flagging, ask God to increase your faith.  He will give you what you need because of His great love for you.