Life And Love Are Eternal

23 Apr

“The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.”  ~ Kate McGahan

Today is the Third Sunday of Easter.  The Easter season is a lengthy one that gives us the opportunity to think about all the many facets of that special day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead.  Its ramifications continue through today and will go on for eternity.

Eternity. That is a tough concept for us to consider, is it not? We have a hard time thinking about something lasting forever.  It’s incredibly difficult wrapping our heads around that.  But that doesn’t make it any less real.

God existed for all eternity.  As far back as we can possibly imagine, God was there.  And He was there further back than we can imagine because, for God, there is no beginning. He has always existed.  And He will always exist.

We struggle to understand that because we had a beginning.  We can mark our first day in existence.  We also know that we have a last day, the day that we die.  Or, is it?

Our intellect might tell us that we are finite, that we have an expiration date, but our souls tell us something else entirely. Our souls tell us that we are eternal.  Created by God in His own image and likeness, we will have no end.  Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our last moment here on earth can lead to the first day of eternal life with God.

This is what we have been celebrating for the past couple of weeks. This is what we will continue to celebrate throughout the Easter season.  This is great joy.  Great joy indeed!

Life never ends and love never dies.  McGahan is right in her statement about what the first Easter taught us all.  God’s love is real and it lasts forever.  It carved us into existence and cradles us at the end of our days on earth.

The life given to us by God when we were first conceived is a life that has no ending.  It would behoove us to make sure that we live each day, each moment, for the Lord in order to anticipate our return to Him on our last day.

Too many people live so deeply rooted in the moment as they worry about their school, their job, and/or their livelihood, that they fail to recognize the gift of God given to them and the gift of eternal life promised to them.

Don’t let the world distract you from the truth that life never ends and love never dies.

FAITH ACTION:  Reflect upon the resurrection and what it truly means to you and for you.