Let God Set You Afire

8 Dec

“The ‘burning bush’ was not a miracle. It was a test. God wanted to find out whether or not Moses could pay attention to something for more than a few minutes. When Moses did, God spoke. The trick is to pay attention to what is going on around you long enough to behold the miracle without falling asleep. There is another world, right here within this one, whenever we pay attention.” ~ Lawrence Kushner

Did you ever notice that we can be ambivalent when it comes to intensity? At times, we like the intensity of a good adrenaline rush such as when we ride a roller coaster. Other times, when we are in the midst of an intense situation, we can become fatigued and even fall asleep because it drains everything out of us.

Imagine Moses in the desert tending his flock. Seeing a bush on fire, his curiosity got the better of him. He went to investigate. What he saw was amazing. The bush, though on fire, was not being consumed by the fire at all. As if that situation were not enough, all of a sudden, God spoke to Moses. He was struck with awe and did not know what to do. God told him to take off his sandals because he was on holy ground.

Moses did as God instructed and then listened to what God had to say to him. What God said was difficult for Moses to hear. He could not conceive of himself carrying out God’s wishes. He wanted assurances that God would be with him and give him the words that needed to be said.

We are often like that. We might feel God calling us to some kind of ministry and, at the same time, we tell ourselves that we are not worthy enough to engage in that ministry. We think that we will not have the time. We think that we will not be able to continue the commitment. In short, we make a lot of excuses for not doing the work.

That is okay. God is extremely patient with us. He waits for us. He hears us out. He explains that He will be there for us. And He continues to insist that we go out and do His work. He went with Moses and paved the way before Moses. He saved Moses and the people from the grasp of Pharaoh. He led them with His strong right arm. He will do the same for us.

Today’s Jesse Tree symbol, I am sure you have surmised by now, is a burning bush.

FAITH ACTION: Burn with a passion for God today, a passion so bright that the intensity draws others to God.