Legends And The Faith

13 Dec

Lord, make us turn to you;
let us see your face
and we shall be saved.  
(Ps 80:4)

There are many saints whom the Church venerates and of whom we know very little.  One thing is clear, there was a great devotion to the saints and the legends about them helped others to remain steadfast in the faith.

St. Lucy was one of those saints.  We do not know a lot about her.

We do know that she was martyred in the time of Diocletian because she was a Christian.  She had been married to a young man.  To him, she told the secret that she was a Christian.  Her husband, according to legend, gave her up to the authorities.  She was going to be forced into prostitution; however, no one could approach her.

Because of that, the emperor ordered her put to death.  One of the legends tells of her eyes being put out as part of the torture and of God restoring her eyes when He received her.

Lord make us turn to you; let us see your face and we shall be saved.

The response to our psalm says it all.  When we look upon our Lord, we will understand His saving love and will be able to be saved.  He loves us more than anyone ever could.  He loves us perfectly.  And He offers Himself to us daily.

Turn to Him this day and be saved!

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for those who have turned away from God and risk eternity without Him.  Pray that they may come back to God.