Know Their Struggle

17 Mar

Great Spirit, grant that I may not criticize my neighbor until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.  Native American Prayer quote

There is something that so many people do without even thinking:  they judge others.  We call it many things — measuring someone up, testing their mettle, trying their worth — but, in most cases, we have already decided that they were unable or unworthy.

When we watch children forming impromptu teams to play a sport, there are some who are picked immediately and others who are not picked at all.  The ones who are picked are said to be fast, able to throw or catch the ball, or having an “eagle eye”.  Those who are not picked are labelled slow, stumblers, people who get in the way.

Has anyone ever stopped to ask why someone is slow or cannot catch or stumbles?  If we ask that hard question, we might find that the person is doing his or her very best but is limited somehow by handicap or weakness or illness.  If we do not bother to find out the answer to that question, though, the person becomes largely ignored at best or becomes mocked and hurt by others.

Judging others is so wrong yet so common.

Jesus was judged.  He was judged and condemned by people who did not like what He had to say.  They did not believe that they were in need of repentance.  Instead, they wanted to do away with Jesus.

As Jesus walked the horrible trek to Calvary, He was mocked, insulted, and abused along the way.  He bore those insults against Himself and accepted whatever was hurled His way out of love for us.  We will never even begin to appreciate what He has done for us, though, unless we get past our own proclivity to judge others.

Spend some time with the Lord.  Try to understand how our sins put Him on that cross.  Ask for the grace to become truly repentant.  Stations of the Cross take place twice at our parish today:  2:15 p.m. (school stations) and 7:00 p.m.  Come and spiritually walk the stations with our Lord.

FAITH ACTION:  Search your heart and see if there is someone you have been judging without even knowing their circumstances.  Try to understand what is happening in their lives and come to their aid if you are able.

Remember, Fridays of Lent are Days of Abstinence