Kindness Is Never Wasted

24 Sep

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  ~ Aesop

There are many choices that we are presented with on a daily basis.  One of those choices would be to do an act of kindness for someone or to refrain from doing an act of kindness. The great fabulist, Aesop, would recommend performing the act because even a small act of kindness is never wasted.  I agree with him 100%.

As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say that performing an act of kindness would be essential because failing to do so would make us a people of poor character.  What person would walk away from someone who needs an act of kindness?  A cad.  A boor.  An unbeliever.

After all, Jesus Christ would be saddened if we walked away from a person in need of an act of kindness.  Jesus instructed His followers over and over again to reach out and supply the need of others, especially the poor beleaguered.

Too many people in today’s world only perform acts of kindness if there is a reward involved.  The reward might be monetary.  The reward might be recognition.  The reward might be a promise for some kind of return.  These reasons for doing an act of kindness for someone are poor.  Our reason for performing an act of kindness should be directed toward the good of the other rather than the good of ourselves.

And yet, if we perform an act of kindness for another without regard for reward, there is a reward that takes place.  Within ourselves, we can feel the warm glow of responding to the need of another out of love.  We can be proud of the fact that we have “stepped up” and done what Jesus has asked of us.  We can hope that our act for another might blossom by encouraging the recipient of our act of kindness to reach out to someone else in need someday.

Our actions, for good or ill, do impact the world.  It would be better for all if our actions impacted the world positively.

FAITH ACTION:  Without regard for recognition or thanks, do some acts of kindness today.