Jesus Banishes Darkness

14 Dec

The King shall come when morning dawns, and earth’s dark night is past:
O haste the rising of that morn, the day that aye shall last.

Every person has his or her own fears. They are usually patterned on their experience and/or condition in life. One of my fears, quite frankly, is blindness. I have very bad eyes. I am extremely nearsighted. The shape of my eyes, which has caused my nearsightedness, also leads to other problems. One of those, I have already experienced: torn retinas. Retinas can tear or detach and, if not attended immediately, can lead to all sorts of vision problems, including blindness.

I also have glaucoma. The pressure built up in my eyes over the years has already caused damage to the optic nerve. My eye specialist tells me that she has one goal for me: to not go blind.

I am a person who has based my life on sight. I need to read the prayers of the Mass as well as proclaim the scriptures. I depend upon sight very much. That is why a fear of mine is the darkness of blindness.

We can live in the darkness that comes with eye conditions and we can live in spiritual blindness as well. That is the spiritual darkness that comes from living in sin. If we allow the darkness to block the light of Christ, we could find ourselves stumbling in our spiritual lives.

Earth’s dark night passed when the Light came into the world at the birth of Jesus Christ. That light can dispel the darkness of sin if we keep our eyes focused on it. That is one light that cannot harm us but, instead, can lead us home.

Cast off the darkness of sin today and allow yourself to be led by the dawn and day that never ends.

FAITH ACTION: Pray for those who live in the darkness of sin, that the light of Christ might show them the way to the Kingdom.