It’s Easy, Really…

16 Dec

The crowds asked John the Baptist,
“What should we do?”
He said to them in reply,
“Whoever has two cloaks
should share with the person who has none.
And whoever has food should do likewise.”
Even tax collectors came to be baptized and they said to him,
“Teacher, what should we do?”
He answered them,
“Stop collecting more than what is prescribed.”
Soldiers also asked him,
“And what is it that we should do?”
He told them,
“Do not practice extortion,
do not falsely accuse anyone,
and be satisfied with your wages.”  (Lk 3:10-14)

It’s not terribly difficult to know what to do.

John the Baptist alludes to it as well today in the Gospel.

People come up to him and ask, “What must we do?”  The answer, in many forms, basically boiled down to this:  Just do your job; but, do not hurt anybody in the process.

Don’t take advantage of others.

Don’t use others.

Don’t set yourself up as anyone’s superior.

Those answers still apply today.

We should be careful how we deal with others.  We should make sure that we do not do anything to harm another person.  We should treat people as Jesus would treat them, as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

FAITH ACTION:  Have you been really rough on anyone recently?  Seek their forgiveness.  Cannot really do so?  Plan to seek reconciliation at the sacrament of confession this week.