It’s All Up To You

26 Jul

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”  ~ Abraham Lincoln

I have known people, some who have been or are good friends, who are very good at deciding what kind of day they are going to have.  Some approach the day full of hope and confidence.  Others approach the day full of dread and despair.  I am sure you know the same kind of people.

Attitude is an integral part of the successes of our days and of our lives.  If we are absolutely certain that we are going to have a horrible day, there is no success, no good experience, no good word that will make us think otherwise.  We will come home miserable because we had a horrible day.  Others around us might celebrate the success of the day while we look upon it and believe we have failed.

The same holds true for the opposite scenario.  If we are absolutely certain that our day is going to be a good one, we might face many obstacles, others around us might feel as if the day was horrible, but we will come home feeling good about ourselves and what we were able to accomplish even difficulty.

A lot of our success or failure is tied to attitude.  If we understand that about ourselves, we have the capability of steering our days in new and positive directions.

What do we need in order to foster a positive attitude?  Love.  Hope.  Confidence.  Forgiveness. Acceptance.  Where can we find all of that?  Well, if we are truly lucky, there might be a couple of people in our lives who will fill the bill.  However, lucky or not, each and every one of us can find all of that in the great, redeeming love of God that comes to us in Christ, Jesus.

Jesus the is the reason we can face a bleak and broken world with hope.  Jesus is the reason that we can bear hardship and pain with confidence.  Jesus is the reason we can try again, knowing that He forgives us and helps us.  Jesus is the one who accepts us — failings and all — completely as we are.

If that is not enough to give you confidence and joy each day of your life, perhaps you need to do more to understand and embrace the Lord.

FAITH ACTION:  Before you even begin to plan your day today, make up your mind that it is going to be a good one, a blessed one, and then go out confident in the Lord’s help.  It will make all the difference in your outlook — and in your day.