It Takes Courage

20 Jan

“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”  ~ Earl Nightingale

I have met so many people throughout the years who have made plans — sometimes great plans — for their lives.  There were going to go places and do wonderful things.  They were going to be known by many and give themselves freely to others.  Their plans were golden.  However, their plans never materialized.  Why?  Fear.  Lack of courage.

Yes, fear and the lack of courage can landlock the greatest of plans.  People may have the most altruistic desires that have ever been seen or heard but, because of the lack of courage, do not make a move on their plans.  Instead, they become morose and depressed.  They feel bad for not attempting to do what they had dreamed.  They often feel like losers.

The plans and the “road map” mean nothing if we do not have the courage to press on to our destination.  I think it is safe to assume that all those reading these daily reflections have the plan to become more holy and to get to heaven at the end of their days.  We all have the road map — the Bible, the Catechism, et cetera — to guide us on the journey.  But not all of us have the courage to proceed.

The clatter of the world often distracts us from taking our steps toward our destination.  The lures of the world often distract us from the path.  The judgment of others in the world who look down upon us for our belief is something that stifles many of the faithful.  They do not want to be looked down upon by others.  Instead, they often walk away from the path that leads to the Kingdom so as not to be judged, taunted, and humiliated.

The world is wrong.  It is steeped in sin and will never be able to show us the way.  The only way to the Kingdom is Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Take courage and follow in His footsteps.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray to the Lord for the courage that you need to be His disciple today.