In Need? Just Ask.

9 Jan

We have this confidence in him
that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.
And if we know that he hears us in regard to whatever we ask,
we know that what we have asked him for is ours.  (1 Jn 5:14-15)

Many people are in need.  They desire all sorts of things.  And many of those people who are in need fear asking for help.

Why?  Quite possibly because they are afraid that they will not be heard or, being heard, they might not be helped.  That is what keeps people from asking other people for help.  Frankly, that is also what keeps people from asking God for help.

They are afraid that God will not listen to them, that God will not hear them out, that God will not help them.

Of course, when we go to God, we need to make sure that what we are requesting is in accordance with His will.  God is not going to give us anything that will harm us.  He will not help us harm anyone else.  He will not give us something that will enslave us.  He desires much more for us than that.

But if our intentions are pure, if our requests are good and righteous, God will help us.  He has proved that over and over again throughout the ages.

Think about the people who came to Jesus in the Gospel accounts.  They came to Him crippled.  They came to Him deaf.  They came to Him mute.  They were brought to Him dead.  And the Lord helped them all.  The deaf heard, the mute spoke, the crippled were cured, and the dead were restored to life.

What need do you have that you may have been too frightened to bring to the Lord?  Don’t you think it is time to open up to Him and let Him know your request?

FAITH ACTION:  If you have a true need, ask the Lord for His help trusting that, if your need is in accordance to His will, He will provide for you.