I’m All In!

17 Nov

“It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes.”  ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

Wearing his clothes inside out, shaving off only half of his beard, and playing practical jokes on his brother priests as well as his bishops, St. Philip Neri was very much a jokester.  He embraced humor as a way of shaking up people and having them open their eyes to what he was trying to say.

Neri was very humble and extremely holy.  He was a mystic who often levitated or glowed when he celebrated Mass.  Great signs accompanied him at many times yet he deflected all of these.  He didn’t want people to focus on the outward signs of holiness.  He wanted them to see him for who he was.

There is something that is often missing from our daily lives.  That, sadly, would be joy.  We have become too serious in our daily endeavors.  Yes, we should be focused.  Yes, we should do our best.  Yes, we should get better day by day at what we do.  However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our days and even have a little fun.

Laughter is good for us.  It breaks tension and invites others to relax.  It should not be frowned upon.  Rather, it should be welcomed.  Our days are already too somber.  The Lord, I believe, would want us to feel joy in our hearts and not misery or distress.

When we encounter someone and smile at that person, we almost always get a smile in return.  The person might be startled that someone greeted him or her with a smile but the return smile is usually genuine and warm.  The exchange between those two people is light and cheerful as well as hopeful. All because of a smile.

Imagine what can happen when we put down our trump card and not only smile but make a person laugh!  That kind of joy is infectious and lightens up every person’s soul.

FAITH ACTION:  Lighten up today.  Look for, and cherish, the humorous side of what comes your way.