Humbly Admit Your Sinfulness

7 Apr

“Let the one among you who is without sin 
be the first to throw a stone at her.”  (Jn 8:7b)

There is something that has always amazed me and caused me a great deal of consternation.

We all know how we feel when we fail, when we sin.  We feel slimy.  We feel like the lowest people on the earth.  We feel like we want to hide under a rock so that no one can see us.  We feel fearful or embarrassed to think that someone may find out what we did or did not do, said or did not say.

In short, we feel really low.

You would think that we would not want anyone else to feel the way that we do.

However, in the famous “misery loves company” type of thought, we often try to drag other people down, probably so that we feel better about ourselves.  After all, how best to feel superior than to make other people inferior!

At least, that would be the philosophy of the world.

If we are going to point a finger, though, that finger should be pointed squarely at ourselves.

We are sinners.  We have failed.  We do need God’s mercy.

The sooner that we realize that, the quicker we will begin working on ourselves rather than condemning all of those around us.

FAITH ACTION:  Admit your sinfulness to the Lord and pray, as well, for the unrepentant sinner to come back to God.