How Well Do You See?

24 Oct

“Only those who see the invisible can attempt the impossible.”  ~ Dick Eastman

“We see the Lord and He is high and lifted up and His train fills the temple.  The people cry, Glory!”  These words of a very popular song echoing the Book of Revelation remind me of the glory of the Lord that is always available for us to see.  The big question, though, is, “Do we see it?”

The glory of God shines all around us.  It shines in the experiences that touch our lives.  It shines in the people who touch our lives.  It shines through us as well.  We need to look for that glory because it is only when we see it that we can attempt the impossible: accepting God’s will and doing His will unreservedly.

We can become practiced in seeing the invisible when we pray and involve ourselves in acts of worship such as attending Mass, Eucharistic devotion, and other such practices.  When we spend quality time with the Lord, we open ourselves up to the great mystery of God.

We can come into contact with the invisible when we do corporal and spiritual works of mercy as well.  Feeding the poor, sheltering the homeless, caring for the sick, visiting those in prison or homebound are all ways that we encounter the invisible God.

Giving ourselves to God by giving ourselves to others helps us to see Him in a much clearer way and provides us the impetus to move further along in our spiritual lives.  Take the time today to look for the Lord in prayer, devotion, and good works.

FAITH ACTION:  If we are to do the good that is asked of us today, we must first focus on the Lord.  Look for Him in prayer and ask Him to accompany you.