How We See Things

7 Oct

“We do not see things as they are.  We see them as we are.” ~ The Talmud 

I love pictures.  There are those who truly have an eye for taking pictures.  They frame them just so, they catch their subject in the perfect light, and they present subjects in exquisite fashion.  The only thing that makes a perfect picture even more unique is the addition of filters.  By changing the color or shading, a picture can pop incredibly or be so muted as almost to be missed.

Photographers are not the only ones who employ filters.  We do, too.  We filter our daily experiences through our own sets of beliefs, through our own experiences, and through our own emotions.  As the body of Judaic learning (the Talmud) indicates, “We do not see things as they are.  We see them as we are.”  We need to be mindful of that anytime we try to sort out the truth about any given circumstance.  One person’s truth might just be another person’s impression and still another person’s possibility and still another person’s….

That is why we need to keep ourselves as focused on the Lord as possible.  If we look at all the teachings of the Church, at all that is expected of us, through our own eyes, we could interpret ourselves into big trouble.  If we view what is expected of us through the filter of God and God’s love, we will not have to worry.

Take the time necessary to be focused on God.  Spend enough time in prayer, take time to meditate, and give of yourself in performing charitable deeds.  All theses things, and more, will help you keep the proper perspective of your faith life and will help you to see things the way God wants you to see them.

FAITH ACTION:  Try to look past your own thoughts, feelings, and desires in order to understand what God wants you to do today.