Help Us To Seek You, Lord

3 Jan

“Without the quest, there can be no epiphany.”  ~ Constantine E. Scaros

Truer words were never spoken.  If the Magi saw the star in the sky and said, “Eh.  Interesting but nothing to get excited about.” we would not be celebrating the Epiphany today, at least not the way we do now.  Sure, Jesus was revealed to the shepherds in the local area; but, the Magi were those chosen to represent the world at large.  When Jesus was manifested to them, He manifested Himself to the world through their representation.

We can find nothing, though, if we do not seek.  There has been very little, when you think about it, that has ever “fallen into our laps” throughout our lives.  We have had to go out in search of it.  Our pursuits of goals have enriched us, made us wiser, and given us a deeper appreciation of our lives and how they interact with others.  We do not find that if we remain on our own.

What am I trying to say?  Simply this:  we are not going to get holy by being zapped from above.  It doesn’t work like that.  Holiness comes with lots of effort, with lots of prayer, with lots of introspection, and with lots of pursuit.  Holiness does not fall in our laps.  It is the product of lives well lived.

Think of the Magi today.  Theirs was not an immediate journey.  A journey of their magnitude demanded much preparation.  They had to glean the records to see what the prophets of old had written.  They had to study maps to see where they would travel.  They had to provision themselves in order to have all that they would need on the journey.  Finally, because they were meeting the promised King, they had to bring gifts worthy of His stature.  Those gifts, along with all of their provisions, would have to be protected along the journey as they would be going through territory that could well be considered dangerous.

They did not let uncertainly delay their travel.  They did not allow danger to cancel their plans.  Instead, they prepared themselves appropriately and then set out in search of the new King.

As you think about the Magi, think about your own spiritual lives.  God calls us on a journey.  He doesn’t want us to remain where we are.  We are challenged to prepare ourselves and to bring with us what we need in order to meet the King.  What gifts do you possess, you might ask? God has given us many gifts in our lives.  He asks us to use them for the benefit of others.

As often as you touch people’s lives with the use of your gifts, you prepare yourself to give back to the King.

FAITH ACTION:  Count your blessings today and ask God to help you to share them with others.