He Will Judge Each Of Us One Day

9 Oct

The Lord sits enthroned forever;
he has set up his throne for judgment.
He judges the world with justice;
he governs the peoples with equity.  (Ps 9:8-9)

I often say, “Thank God that God is God and not me.  Or you.”

You know how it goes.

We often think to ourselves — or say out loud — “If I were the one in charge, things would be a LOT different!”

Well, as I said, thank God that we are not the ones in charge.

We think our world is a mess right now?  Can you imagine what it would be like if we were the sole rulers of the earth?

I do not know about you; but, I know for myself that I would really mess the place up even more!

The Lord is in charge.  That is the good news.

The bad news for many of us is the reminder that the Lord will judge us at the end of our days.

He judges the world with justice and governs the people equally.

Are you ready for God’s judgment?

Do not wait for the last minute.

FAITH ACTION:  As I ask from time to time, make a good examination of conscience.  If conscience compels, remember that most parishes offer confessions Saturday afternoons.  You might want to go tomorrow.