He Raises Up Leaders

27 Jan

I have found David, my servant;
with my holy oil I have anointed him,
That my hand may be always with him,
and that my arm may make him strong.  (Ps 89:21-22)

When we were weak and demanded a king that we could see and hear rather than pledge allegiance to a God who was unseen and unheard, God acquiesced and had kings anointed.

God has always raised up leaders for us, even though He would have preferred being our sole leader.

The reason that He did so?

Because He wanted us to know that He was there for us and was willing to do anything for us.

He continued that theme all the way to giving us His own Son and His Son continued that theme by giving His all, even His very life on the cross.

Yes, God has raised up leaders in the past to guide us, protect us, and rule over us.

God still raises up leaders.

We celebrated that thought a couple of weeks ago at our ministries expo when we were reminded that we are called to leadership in our parish by embracing ministry to one another.

We focus on that theme this week as we celebrate Catholic Schools Week — a wonderful opportunity to remember that we prepare the leaders of the future in our schools.

God is calling our students to leadership.  God calls you and me to leadership.  What will be our response to His invitation?

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for our leaders, that they may accept the responsibility given to them and that they will lead according to God’s will and not their own.