He Is In Charge

27 Mar

“If I were running the world I would have it rain only between 2 and 5 a.m. Anyone who was out then ought to get wet.”  ~ William Lyon Phelps

We have had rain for the past few days.  As many came to church for Mass this weekend, they had comments about the rain.  Some comments were positive, others were negative.  The rain cramped many people’s plans for their days.  The rain was giving sinus sufferers a bad time.  The rain, generally, was not welcome.

However, the rain is doing much good.  It waters the earth and provides for the plants that are beginning to sprout.  It washes away dirt from sidewalks and streets.  It washes allergens from the air.  It makes things smell fresh and clean and new.

There are positives and negatives to the rain.  However, the biggest reality about the rain is that we are not in charge of it!  As we read in the quote above, “If I were running the world…”, we realize that we, indeed, do not run the world.  That is up to God and God alone.

Why, then, do we often waste so much time trying to run things?  Why do we fret and worry and attempt to take charge of things that are absolutely not in our reach or command?  Why can we not accept the role that God should take in our lives?

Those are tough questions yet they demand tough and honest answers.  Thankfully, the season of Lent gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves those questions.  In doing so, we can straighten and strengthen our relationship with God.  We can remind ourselves that God is in charge and not us.  We can become God’s humble servants rather than trying to make God conform to our will.

If it is raining, let it rain.  God knows what He is doing and why He is doing it.  It is good that He is the one in charge!

FAITH ACTION: Take a good self-inventory today. What things do you attempt to control? Give control of your life to God and graciously accept whatever comes from Him.