He Does Wondrous Things For Us

28 Nov

And now, bless the God of all,
who has done wondrous things on earth;
Who fosters people’s growth from their mother’s womb,
and fashions them according to his will!
May he grant you joy of heart
and may peace abide among you;
May his goodness toward us endure in Israel
to deliver us in our days.  (Sir 50:22-24)


It is certainly strange that, in a world that cuts the name of God out of so many things, He still exists in the dictionary.  If you look for the definition of “thanksgiving” in a dictionary, you will find “the expression of gratitude, especially to God”.

Yet, that is precisely what we do today.

We give thanks to God for all the wondrous things that He has done for us.

They are wondrous indeed!

He has fashioned each and every one of us in His image and likeness.  Our souls are spitting images of God Himself.

He sustains our lives day by day.

He pours blessings in our lives in the form of other people, material goods, spiritual gifts, and experiences.

He leads and guides us daily.

Ultimately, He calls us back home to Himself at the end of our lives.

You cannot possibly ask for anything better.

As we are incredibly blessed, so, too, should we be incredibly thankful.  However, there are so many times — daily — that we forget to give thanks to God.

This day, on our national holiday, let us remember to give God the thanks and praise that is His due.

Blessed Thanksgiving!

FAITH ACTION:  At the Thanksgiving meal today, share stories of some of the things that God has done for you.  In addition, remember in prayer those who, because of their poverty, will go without food today.  If you are in a position to help someone in need today, do so.