Have A Conversation With God

11 Aug

“Prayer is the conversation of a lifetime, and a lifetime of conversation.  It’s ongoing and constant.  And what is more important than this conversation?”  ~ Matthew Kelly

Prayer, for too many people, is a monologue rather than a dialogue.  Prayer often becomes a list of demands made by someone who is tired that God is not listening as they believe God ought.  Prayer becomes a gimme session for a lot of people.  None of these are prayer, though.

Prayer is a down-to-earth, honest conversation with our best friend, Jesus.  Prayer is speaking to the Lord, spilling our heart and our guts, and petitioning the Lord.  Prayer is also listening to how the Lord responds to our pleas and asking for grace to accept what the Lord wills rather than what we will.  Prayer always remembers that there are two people involved in the conversation and that the other person (Jesus) is the one who is more important.

When our prayer is demanding like a tyrant or whiny like a spoiled brat, it does us no good.  Because when we approach the Lord with that kind of attitude, we generally are not willing to listen to what He has to say.

When you pray, treat the Lord like your best friend — because, actually, He is! — and sit down to have a heartfelt conversation with Him.  I know that it would please Him and it will probably make you feel much better as well.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure that you leave plenty of time for God to speak to you when you take the time to pray.