Got Questions? You’re Not Alone.

29 Dec

CALVIN: This whole Santa Claus thing just doesn’t make sense. Why all the secrecy? Why all the mystery? If the guy exists why doesn’t he ever show himself and prove it? And if he doesn’t exist what’s the meaning of all this?
HOBBES: I dunno. Isn’t this a religious holiday?
CALVIN: Yeah, but actually, I’ve got the same questions about God.”
~ Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

I have to admit that I absolutely loved reading Calvin and Hobbes comic strips in my younger years. As a matter of fact, I have the hardbound book of all their cartoons and I enjoy going through it every so often. Watterson had such a keen insight into human nature and presented issues small and great tucked into the humor of the cartoon. You wouldn’t realize it until you had a great big belly laugh that he was making you think as well as laugh.

What are we celebrating during this Octave and why are we celebrating? Why are we celebrating the birth of a baby 2,000 years ago? Did that baby really exist? If so, was that baby really God? Seems kind of farfetched to a lot of people.

Of course we celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Yes, we believe firmly that He is the Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, and God Himself. To us, it might be a mystery that is hard to grasp but nothing farfetched. Instead, at times like this, the mystery feels close at hand and very personal. God loved us enough to become one of us.

We will have questions throughout our lives. That doesn’t make us bad or unbelievers. It just means that we have questions. Don’t be afraid to take those questions to God in prayer. Others may have questions and come to us for answers. They might want to know what we believe and why we believe. Don’t be afraid to share your faith with them. It might help them to embrace that wondrous mystery of God-made-Man.

FAITH ACTION:  Thank God for the gift of His Son and, while you’re doing so, sing to yourself one of your favorite Christmas hymns.