Gossip Can Mark People Forever

22 Jul

Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples,
“I have seen the Lord,”
and then reported what he told her.  (Jn 20:18)

Perhaps no one has a bigger bum rap in history than Mary Magdalene.  She has been portrayed as the “sinner” — a prostitute — who wept on Jesus’ feet and dried them with her hair.  She has also been reported to be a woman from whom seven demons were expelled by Jesus Christ, after which, she became a devoted follower and one of the women who cared for His ministry.

That the two are the same person has been noted over and over again by scripture scholars to be so highly unlikely as to be impossible.  Luke would never portray the same person so differently.

Yet she still carries that “burden” today.

This memorial of St. Mary Magdalene is a good reminder to us of the terrible effects of gossip.  When we say something about another person, it follows them.  Sometimes forever.  They cannot shake the allegations that were made against their character because there are too many people repeating “the truth” about them, even if the “truth” is far from the truth.

Would the Lord have known what people were saying about Mary Magdalene?  Most likely.

Would He have cared about the talk and kept her away from Him?

Not hardly.

She was the first witness to His resurrection.

Jesus calls us to Himself.  He challenges us to let go the things that others may say about us.  As long as we — and Jesus — know the truth, what does it matter.

Pray for those who are victims of gossip today.

FAITH ACTION:  Have we been guilty of gossiping about others?  It is incumbent upon us to correct what we have falsely proclaimed.