God Will Never Forget You

21 Mar

Can a mother forget her infant,
be without tenderness for the child of her womb?
Even should she forget,
I will never forget you.  (Is 49:15)

One of the “moldy-oldie” songs of the Catholic Church is Isaiah 49 by Carey Landry.  Every time I hear it, I get a warm feeling.  It really is beautiful to hear that God will never forget us, even if the rest of the world has nothing to say about us.  God is a faithful God.

It is just such a shame that His faithfulness does not trickle down to His “children”.

After all, we should be people who emulate God’s love and mercy and faithfulness.  People should be able to say about us that we would never forget them, that we would never leave them in a lurch, that we would not abandon them.

If they said that, however, they would be lying.

Because we often abandon people: spiritually, physically, and/or emotionally.

I would venture to guess that there are a handful of people in each of our lives with whom we no longer associate.  Some of them may have been “best friends” at one point in our lives.  Some of them may even be family members.  However, for one reason or another, we let them go by the wayside.  We quit calling them.  We quit visiting.  We quit caring.

It is wonderful to think that God will never forget us.

Isn’t it time to remember some of the forgotten in our own lives?

FAITH ACTION:  The prophet, Isaiah, reminded his people that God would never forget them.  There are many people in our live whom we “forget” — the elderly, the infirm, the obnoxious.  God forgets no one, God cares for all.  Let us do good this day for someone in our lives we may have “forgotten”.