God Is The Architect

10 Feb

God created man in his image;
in the divine image he created him;
male and female he created them.  (Gn 1:27)

Yesterday and today, in the readings for Ordinary Time, we have been presented with the story of creation.  Today, we heard that God created us in His own divine image.  We often have a hard time believing that.

After all, we say to ourselves, everybody looks different.  There are different shapes out there, different sizes, different colors, different aptitudes.  In short, different everything.  How can we be created in God’s image if no one looks alike?  Those are the times that we get lost in the substance from which we are made.

Because of that, we often treat people differently than we should.  We accept some people, shun some people, and oppose still others all because we fail to recognize God who dwells in them.

Sadly, we do that to ourselves as well.  We look in the mirror and dislike what and who we see.  We get disgusted at ourselves for a whole variety of reasons and think little of ourselves many times.  At those times, we forget that our souls are created in God’s own divine, immortal image.  Our bodies will one day fail us — the consequence of original sin — but our souls will live forever.

God longs for us to see ourselves as He sees us.  If we did, we truly would be able to love ourselves and those around us.

FAITH ACTION:  As you pray today, ask God to open your eyes to His image in all the people you will encounter.