God Has A Plan

16 Mar

Bear your share of hardship for the gospel
with the strength that comes from God.  (2 Tm 1:8b)

God has a plan.

Perhaps that is the thread best identified running through today’s readings: God has a plan.

His plan is not discernible through the eyes of our human nature.  His plan is only discernible through the eyes of faith, the eyes of God.

God has a plan.  He made us a great nation.

God has a plan.  He showed us that He would be with us on earth and throughout our lives into eternity.  This was shown through the Transfiguration.

God has a plan.  He encourages us to bear the weight of the cross, the hardship of the Gospel, for His sake so that He can bring good out of our toil.

God’s plan, however, needs our cooperation.  That is the choice we must make this day.

FAITH ACTION:  Do not shy away from standing up for the faith today.