God Accepts And Uses Our Sacrifices To Help Us

20 Mar

“Our sacrifices in this season are so minuscule as to be laughable, except that our Father seems only too willing to use our tiny offerings as portals for his grace. Every hunger pang or caffeine craving becomes a holy prompt — pray, trust, surrender. The whole season becomes a bit delicious with anticipation: Easter is coming!”  ~ Carolyn Arends

When we really think about it, our sacrifices and our sufferings are nothing compared to the suffering of Jesus Christ.  It is laughable to even consider or claim that we suffer as much as He did.  We often feel that way when we make Lenten sacrifices, though.

The wondrous thing about God’s love is that He can take our sacrifices, as meager and simple as they might be, and turn them into huge movement in our lives.  When we make our Lenten sacrifices, God helps us to understand the suffering of others in the world and the plight that so many others face.

We spend so much of our time and energy on taking care of our own needs.  In being able to comprehend the sorrow and hardship of others, we open our eyes to their need and have a better chance of meeting their need by reaching out to them.  Lent helps us to understand that the needs of others often outweigh our own.

Lent invites us to pray, trust, and surrender.  Prayer feeds our trust and trust in God helps us to surrender to His holy will.  That is why it is important to do the things that we do during Lent.  No sacrifice is too small for God to use.  Trust in Him as you continue this very holy season.

FAITH ACTION:  Give completely to the Lord today.  And, if you have faltered in your resolve, you might want to use this afternoon to go to confession.  Most parishes hear confessions Saturday afternoons.