Go With It

20 Jul

“Relax into the moment and let the universe do the driving. If there was a secret to happiness in life, I’d say that was it.”  ~ Jed McKenna

I have said many times throughout the years that I am most reluctant to criticize deacons or other priests when it comes to their sermons.  The reason I say that is because, believe it or not, preaching is extremely personal.  If we “do it right”, we leave a part of ourselves exposed when we preach.  Since we all are so very different, there is no right way or wrong way to preach.  Of course, we can always comment about content and whether or not it follows Church teaching.  However, the preaching itself?  I try to let that be.

Just as much as preaching is a very personal thing, so is the discussion of a spiritual life.  When I do spiritual direction with someone, I try my best not to steer them in one direction or another as what might feel and/or be best for me might not be for them.  Trying to grow in the Spirit can be difficult.

I remember a time in the past when I was working with a spiritual director (he was my fourth director — yes, I’ve kept a count).  I was discussing with him some spiritual experiences that were happening to me.  Without getting into the details — remember, the spiritual journey is very personal — I told him that I was having some very powerful experiences at prayer, especially while celebrating the Mass.  They were shaking me because, well, for one thing, I couldn’t control them.  Of course.  Who can control the Spirit?

My spiritual director listened long and hard for a few sessions and then, one day, simply said, “Mike, you’re overthinking this.  What is happening is a wonderful gift.  Go with it.  Enjoy it.  Hope it doesn’t end.”  He was right, of course.

We cannot control what happens to us.  When God knocks, sometimes He lets Himself in instead of waiting for us to answer the door.  When He lets Himself in, His entrance can be accompanied with great splendor.  If that happens to you in prayer, don’t be rattled.  Go with it.  Enjoy it.  Hope it doesn’t end.

FAITH ACTION:  Make the conscious decision to turn everything over to God today and relax, confident that He will be with you.