Give Your Life To God

26 May

“I didn’t need to understand the hypostatic unity of the Trinity; I just needed to turn my life over to whoever came up with redwood trees.”  ~  Anne Lamott

In the early Church, Greek scholars attempted to reconcile their speech to that of those who spoke Latin so that all people could better understand the teachings of the Church and the mysteries of God.  Hypostasis came about to signify not the sameness of God but, rather, the distinctness of God in three Divine Persons.  Are you confused enough already?  So am I.

Anne Lamott seems to cut through all the theological chatter when she states that she does not need to understand definitions.  She merely needs to come to grips with her creator.  The same holds true for us.

Oh, we can talk theology.  There is no problem with that.  However, if our talk ends up confusing ourselves or others, it gets in the way.  And when talk gets in the way, what do people often do?  Walk away and look somewhere else for the answers to their questions.

Today, as we celebrate Trinity Sunday, we could easily bog ourselves down with definitions and theories and grand thoughts about the nature of God.  Or, we could look around and see examples of God all around us.  For Lamott, it was whomever came up with redwood trees.  For us it might be whomever came up with the great lakes or our children or absolutely stunning sunrises or sunsets.

God reveals Himself to us regularly.  We do not have to search for Him in a scholarly kind of way (though, that is open to those who are so inclined to do so.)  All we need to do is open our eyes, open our ears, and open our hearts.  A day does not go by that God does not speak to us.  We are often so busy looking at and doing other things that we fail to see Him or hear Him or feel Him.

Do not get bogged down with theories.  Instead, become buoyed with realities.  The reality is that God loves us all immensely.  God reveals Himself to us every day.  God blesses us through His creation and all that He has put in that creation.  God is in the person next to you right now.  Celebrate God today.  After all, He celebrates you all the time.

FAITH ACTION:  It is Sunday.  If you have the time, get out and enjoy some of God’s creation.  He made it just for you.