Give Cheerfully

9 Jun

“You should never take more than you give.”  ~ Elton John

There are many kinds of “takers”.  Some take physical things.  Whether it be food or possessions, nothing seems to be safe around them.  Others are emotional takers.  They are often described as people who suck the life out of a room when they enter because they are so needy and everything has to revolve around them.  Still others are takers of dreams and hopes.  They are so negative and quash the hopes of others.

While it is all right to need things or people, we have to put our needs into perspective and remember that it is not all about us.  We need to remember that other people have needs as well.  Even when we take, we should be ready to give.  I have seen videos on some people’s “social experiments” regarding the poor and the homeless.

In some videos, food is given to someone and the giver walks away.  When the recipient is alone, that person is seen sharing the food with another person or even with a starving animal.  Even though the person receiving the gift was in incredible need, that person realized that there were others badly off as well.  From their meagre share, they gave to another.

We should never take more than we give.  And when we take, we should be mindful that others might need what we have just as much if not more.  We are in this together and we need to learn to take care of one another.

FAITH ACTION:  Be a cheerful giver today to all you encounter.